PARTY TIME!!! (5000th post!)

Now, if my calculations* are correct this is the 5000th post. Holy moly that’s a lot of pictures.

I started this thing back in 2006 at the prompting of my friend Luke. He had photoblog and encouraged me to make one myself. (His blog is long gone, but he does still post photos on Flickr.) My first post was a photo of The Bridge I took while visiting Shemp in Brooklyn. Photos were smaller back then because the Internet was slower. (If I ever get really bored, I might go back and reprocess all the old photos to make them bigger and more consistent with the current layout.)

Since then? Well, lots of photos. Here’s a breakdown of photoblog posts by year:

Looks like 2009 is still the high water mark. And I think 2016 may have been the only year when I consistently posted one photo per day. (Weirdly, there were 366 posts that year, even though 2016 wasn’t a leap year…)

And while we’re making charts… Here’s the total number of pictures taken each year (including pre-photoblog years):

These bars represent a total of 86,191 photos snapped! (Give or take… I’m sure a few of them were mislabeled, accidentally deleted, or put in the wrong folder.)

OK, one more. Total number of photos taken by month:

Seems to match up with a teacher’s schedule: Plenty of time for hobbies in January and in the summer, less so during the semesters. (And if this is a reflection of real life, it looks like my fall semesters tend to be busier than my spring semesters.)

What a ride! Landmarks along the way: 1000th picture, switch to WordPress, 10 years. Alright, see you at 10,000!

* WordPress is saying this is post 5001. If I count the number of thumbnails in the archive, though, it looks like this is 5000.