What have I been doing with my life?!

On this day, ten years ago, I followed my friend Luke’s lead and installed Pixelpost on newly created subdomain of http://www.andremount.net/. Thus, the andremount p-blog was unleashed onto the world! (Well, if not the world, then a handful of occasional visitors.)

To answer the question posed by my title: taking and posting 2,983 photos of self-indulgence, artsy-fartsiness, and other misadventures by myself and with family and friends.

Some milestones:

January 2006: photoblog begins, first photo (with characteristic deadpan title) is of Brooklyn Bridge

September 2006: comment interface is added at user Shemp’s request, Dad posts first comment

October 2009: 1,000th photo is posted

October 2010: switch to larger format with first 850px picture

May 2012: mountains of spam force switch to Disqus comment hosting service, Sarah posts first comment

The photo above, BTW, is what I looked like ten years ago. Not much has changed. I’ve upgraded to fancier cameras and now sport a shameful beard, but I still wear that shitty, non-waterproof raincoat and I still take photos of myself making stupid faces in the mirror.

And with today, the 10th year of this nonsense, that pretty much brings us up to date! Now to prepare for another big anniversary: 10 years since my first date with my wife!

What have I been doing with my life?!