point break expotition (part I)

There are a ton of points around here, but, strangely, almost no point breaks.

There is one spot, however, that I’ve been stalking on the Google Maps satellite images. I won’t say what/where it is, for fear of inadvertently revealing some closely guarded secret, but I will say that it’s only accessible by boat.

Well, one day back in June, I took one of our newly acquired gigantic kayaks out for a test drive to check it out. An exploratory expotition! (We’d been reading Winnie the Pooh.)

I saw a bunch of interesting wildlife along the way as I paddled down a winding tidal creek:

And when I finally made my way out to the ocean, I saw this:

The waves weren’t big enough to ride this day, but the spot clearly had potential!

Here are a few more little waves peeling around the point:

An important discovery! I’d have to return with a surfboard and on a bigger day!