quick fix

Look how that pole (this is the one right in front of our house) just splintered! And that’s with the wires pulling it down toward the street. Strong wires? Strong hooks? Probably. Weak pole? Definitely.

When a similar situation took down some wires in April 2018, we lost power for days. (We gave up on Potsdam and headed to a hotel in Burlington to make the best of it.) This time, though, there was an immediate whirlwind (pun intended) of repair activity. First, a guy from the gas company showed up with his radar stick to mark where the gas line came out of our house:

Then, two different guys with a different radar stick came out to mark the water pipe:

And this was all within the first hour or so after the lines went down!

I got on the horn with Spectrum to tell them our Internet was out and that the same was probably true for other folks on our street. The woman on the other end got us an appointment for 9:00am the next morning and even she seemed surprised that they’d be able to get out there that quickly!

I guess sometimes the system works!