tornado warning

There was a tornado warning in Potsdam. We get these from time to time, but I don’t know anyone that’s ever seen an actual tornado. On this day, though, the wind was blowing pretty hard…

I was inside with the kids and Sarah was about to get off work. We stopped playing Zelda to clean up a bit and I saw Sarah coming down the sidewalk. She came in and the wind and rain really picked up. We heard a crash out front and June and I saw a bunch of sparks through the window. (This was all right were Sarah had been walking a few minutes earlier.)

A tree had fallen down at the end of the street and it took two utility poles down with it. Doesn’t say much for the stability of those poles… Here’s another view of the carnage in front of our neighbor’s house.

Miraculously, we never lost power! Our electricity, weirdly, comes from the next street over, via a pole in our back yard. So other than losing our cable (Internet), we were good to go.