rising waters…

We were hanging out at our usual spot in Stone Valley when we heard the creepy warning siren coming from the dam upstream. (It sounds a lot like the “broken” siren in this video.) I’d been in this situation before, further down the river at Hannawa Falls. The kids and I were playing on the rocks below the dam, heard the siren, and had to skedaddle when we saw the water coming up.

It’s not like a huge tsunami is going to suddenly appear around the corner. The water level comes up almost imperceptibly and the current increases. Still, it’s nothing to scoff at! I found a little rock and made a mark at the water’s edge on a big rock. (Actually, two. You can see a darker line a little past the light colored line in the photo above.)

Sarah, meanwhile, was unconcerned:

Just kidding, she was more worried than I was. We moved our stuff and kids over to the safe rocks next to the trail.