Empire State Building

Driving into the city, Otis made it very clear that the only thing he was going to insist on was going up the Empire State Building. He said he was also open to the idea of going up the Eiffel Tower (another well-known NYC landmark), until we explained why that wouldn’t be possible on this trip. I tried to convince him that the Top of the Rock might be better since then you could actually see the ESB, but he wasn’t having it. So that’s what we did.

Our friend Liz looked a little nauseous when we told her what we were doing, but it wasn’t too bad. We made a reservation for the first available time and it wasn’t ridiculously crowded. There’s a long “museum” that you have to walk through before you get on the elevator. But then you’re there, with only a bit of jockeying for space to look out over the city.