COVID lollipop

COVID finally caught up to us. The kids got it first, then Sarah. I tried to isolate from them by staying at the inlaws’ house around the corner. That way, I could still go shopping and bring food to the rest of the family. But it was inevitable. (I’d napped with June on the futon when, in retrospect, she was clearly sick with the virus.)

After three days in hiding, I tested positive. It was bad, but not the worst. (Sarah disagrees. She says it was the sickest she’s ever seen me.) This particular test had a consolation prize: a little spit and cardboard lollipop to cheer you up! I threw it out and reported myself to county health.

Missed a few days on the photoblog while I was sick. Then it was finals week. But now the coast is clear and it’s time to get these photos back on track!