Saranac Lake Bug Crawl

After our island camping trip, we got some gobblers and ate them down by the river in Saranac Lake. When the kids inevitably started wandering off (before finishing their lunch), they found a sculpture of a green mayfly made from found materials. There was a QR code on a plaque next to it and we discovered that the mayfly was one of a series of insects hidden around town: The Saranac Lake Bug Crawl. We made a mental note to check it out…

It turned out to be a great activity! We walked along the river (after MORE gobblers) and found all seven bugs. Some were a little tricky. The prize for completing the challenge was a sticker from the Chamber of Commerce. But the Chamber of Commerce was closed on the weekend. The website said they’d also have them at an office down the street. But the people there had no idea what I was talking about. The third sticker-claiming location was the Adirondack Carousel (which we were trying to avoid since it was time to get home). They gave Sarah the ol’ North Country Silent Treatment, but did eventually gesture towards the stickers with a finger gruffly thrust toward a nearby table.