We went swimming (and some of us went sliding) with Pops and Oma at Bog River Falls the other day. Great time, but there were a few hazardous beasts. Sarah got a bunch of mosquito bites and was almost devoured by a giant spider. (Come back for tomorrow’s photo…)

At one point, Otis and Pops swam across the pond to the other side. I swam over and noticed a shiny dark thing on Otis’s toe. I thought it was mud, but quickly realized it was not. Fortunately, I scraped it off before he even knew what I was doing or he might not have gone back in the water! Later on, same thing happened to June. The one I picked off of her landed in a small pool and was documented.

We all did a pretty thorough check when we got out of our suits… (…shudder…)