we got stuck

At Massawepie Lake, I saw that one side of the parking area looked a little muddy so I figured I’d park in the dry leaves on the other side. The leaves, it seems, were concealing a deep pool of even muddier mud. We got stuck.

I was busy pushing and digging when a guy, Andy, came back and offered to help. We all pushed, then gave up. Andy said he’d see if anyone was in the maintenance building at the nearby scout camp on his way out. He sent a text and said another dude in a truck was on his way.

While I waited, I decided to give it one more shot. (You know, to preserve my masculinity.) I was making progress, but then hit the pedal a little too hard. Mud sprayed up all over the car and in the open window.

Truck dude showed up, pulled us backward a couple of feet, and everyone was on their way.