Pulpit Rock State Forest

We’ve been fascinated lately by Pulpit Rock State Forest. Driving past nearby Payne Lake, you can see some dramatic rocky cliffs. We decided to try to get to the top, but the park is pretty undeveloped.

On our first attempt, we tried entering via the Root Row Trail. This started out on an easement through some fields. It then turned into a cool little path up the hill and around some neat rock formations. The trail went cold, though, the closer we got to the state forest line. We followed a few more faint trail markers before getting swarmed by biting insects and called it a day.

On our second attempt (pictured above), we tried our luck on Watson Pfar(?) Rd. This started out well: an old⁠—and rarely used, judging from the number of fallen trees⁠—logging road in the northern part of the park. This trail eventually dissolved into the woods too. It was cold (snowy even!), so we climbed one of the bigger rocky outcroppings and had a snack before heading home.

Maybe someday we’ll get to those cliffs!