Huckleberry Lake in the spring

We’ve been trying to keep our distance from everybody. We even stopped going to Stone Valley for hikes. Usually around this time of year, it’s our go-to hike. But these days everybody’s itching to get outside and the place is mobbed. Instead, we’ve been going on hikes where we never/rarely see other people.

The trail to Huckleberry Lake, in Wolf Lake State Forest, is one of them. This time, however, it too was packed. We came across a big group that had been camping the night before. (Very likely multiple families…) They were loud and noisy. We saw the trash they dropped on their way back to the parking area. For some reason they brought a canoe. (There are just a few small lakes with no rivers connecting them.) We saw large, fresh swaths of green paint on the trail heading back to the car. They must have ended up dragging the poor thing a mile and a half back through the woods.

So much for social distancing: