June had the tricky costume this year, so I was relieved to hear that Otis just wanted to be a ghost. We got a cheap sheet from Walmart, cut it to size, and shredded the bottom a little bit. We added a white hat and were good to go:

(There was face paint, too, but after it got all smudgy at the Halloween parade, Otis didn’t want to do it again for trick or treating.)

To complete the ensemble, I had an idea for some ghosts on the porch. I got another cheap sheet and quartered it. We cut a small slit in the middle of each piece and draped the ghosts over balloons for shape. I stuck the opening of each balloon through the slit and tied on a thread. Before we set them up, though, we soaked them in Tide with bleach alternative. Turns out whatever they put in the detergent to brighten your whites has phosphor in it, which makes things glow under a black light. We set up a couple black light bulbs on extension cords, strung up the ghosts, and had a haunted porch!

Also pumpkins: