Tennesse Valley, cold and dark, I

Sarah and I went on a hike in the Marin headlands the other day. We haven’t been hiking much lately (too busy!), so it was nice to get out even though it was a little cold, dark, and windy.

We parked at the Tennessee Valley trailhead, hiked up the Old Spring Trail, cut across a ridge on the Miwok Trail, and took the steep, winding Wolf Ridge Trail down to the beach.

Along the way, I spotted a patriotic little display looking down the canyon towards the ocean.

Stay tuned for more shiver-inducing photos!

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lynne @ 2010-12-30 14:34:30
I love this photo. I misread where you were though and thought you had taken a trip to the Tennessee Valley. An e makes all the differenc.

Tennesse Valley, cold and dark, I