retro fish at the bo’

When spring swells hit Ocean Beach and other west-facing breaks in San Francisco, things get messy. It’s a tough enough paddle out there anyway, so when it ain’t clean, it ain’t worth going in my opinion. There was an 18-20′ swell on tap all week coming almost right out of the west. I knew OB would be a drag, so I drove the van up to The Bo’ Wednesday morning to see if the waves were making it around the point.

They were! And with very few people out. I ran down the beach and paddled way out to a break that is usually pretty empty. I had it to myself and caught some sweet (if messy) little waves! (Probably about chest high.)

(It was really bright out and apparently I overcompensated by shortening the exposure time too much. I like the way it came out anyway! Eat me.)

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Dad @ 2010-04-10 04:52:05
I like the gun metal effect

retro fish at the bo’