near the (proposed) lean-to

Dad wants to build a state-park-style lean-to on the property behind his new house. The way he figures it: if he builds it, they (grandkids) will come. I think it’s a bit perverse to be luring un-conceived children out of the womb with promises of camping.

These trees are right in front of the proposed site.

Old comments:

shemp @ 2010-01-29 08:22:04
That's phenomenal. I think Tim's onto something. He should buy a couple o' two-wheelers too. That'd do it for me (if I was the grandkid-to-be, that is)!

Andre @ 2010-01-29 11:17:41
Dirt bikes?! Yeah! Dirt bikes!

(I still think the whole thing is a little gross…)

near the (proposed) lean-to