purple cars

For some reason, this reminds me of when Shemp, and Shemp’s buddy (I forget his name, but don’t doubt that Shemp will fill us in), and I went to a car show in Providence. Shemp’s friend, who was at the time attending the RI School of Design (Go Nads!) commandeered a computer at one of the booths and starting drawing on MS Paint. I guess this is the sort of thing he does for a living, but this kid could crank out AMAZING Paint pictures at blinding speed. He drew a sleek looking car. I did the same and drew a stick figure monkey.

UPDATE (12/01/2009):

Digging through the archives, I managed to find a couple of photos of our MS Paint masterpieces. I had forgotten that after finishing our respective works, we proceeded to set them as windows wallpapers! Here’s the “monky” I drew:

(Click for full-size.) And here’s the stunning car that Andrew’s (allegedly six-year-old) friend Mark whipped up:

And here’s the first self-portrait I’ve ever put on this photoblog:

Old comments:

shemp @ 2009-11-29 11:58:16
Mark! But that fantastic stick-monkey held a martini, if I remember correctly…

Cool shot! Silver rain, silver rain…

Andre @ 2009-12-01 18:08:29
I think I might have a picture of that monkey on my hard drive at home… I'll take a look and will report back if I find anything…

shemp @ 2009-12-01 22:48:21
Ahhh!!! That's you?!?!! Hideous! I'll never return!

(Crap, just realized I was included in a story involving personal interaction. Freak-out debunked.)

Hideous @ 2009-12-01 22:53:23
Wait… You didn't know what I look like?

purple cars