shit III


The trip back was relatively uneventful, save for a number of unnecessarily confrontational passengers and crew members.

One guy turned around, smiled at me condescendingly, and say "You’re pushing my chair pretty hard with your knees, don’t you think?" I showed him that I wasn’t even touching his chair and passed my hand between knees and chair to prove it.

Then, on the second flight, I was seated on the aisle outside of an elderly couple that woke me up to and got up to pee every twenty minutes. That would’ve been fine, except for when I decided to stay up until they got back instead of sitting back down. I was waiting in the aisle near a young mother who had previously been breastfeeding when another gentleman tried to push past with his own kid to the fully occupied bathrooms. He asked, "Are you waiting for the bathroom?" I looked at the queue that had materialized and then looked back at him and said "no." The young mother then looked up at me and asked indignantly, "You’re just standing there?" (as if to imply, I think, that I was peeping on her feeding). "Ugh," I replied and took my seat.

One nice thing about the return flight: little bags of cookies and the satisfying sound of hundreds of people opening them in the dark at the same time.

(That’s it for the Australia pictures! If you wanna see the full set and listen to some recordings of sounds heard on the trip, click here.)

shit III