we went to Australia

Trip photos! I’ll post ’em here, one by one, with commentary. (If you want to ruin it for yourself and blow them all at once, click here.)

March 3-10, 2016

A trip to Australia has been in the works for a long time. There was no shortage of reasons to undertake such an expedition: sun, surf, meat pies, FARMER’S UNION ICED COFFEE, long-unseen family… The one thing missing was a reason with a specific date. Enter Wren’s hand-drawn wedding invitation.

When it turned out that Sarah and Andre had simultaneous spring breaks (for the first time in ten years) that lined up with the wedding, it was decided that fate had intervened and tickets were booked.

The route, as is often the case in such adventures, was convoluted: drive to Montreal, fly to Chicago, fly to Los Angeles, fly to Melbourne, shuttle to Bargain Car Rental, come close to hitting cars that appear to be driving on the wrong side of the road, get used to driving on the the wrong side of the road, drive to Anglesea. All told, thirty-six hours. We thought it best to leave our young child stateside with Pops and Oma.

we went to Australia