an action-packed day

Given the indulgent price of our room, we decided to chock our day full of every kind of activity on tap. Here was our final itinerary:

1. delicious breakfast buffet in the dining room (sausages, french toast, yogurt, fruit, etc.) with itinerary debate

2. ice skating at the newly-completed skating Pavilion (it’s like riding a bike!)

3. tagging along on an organized tour of the house (we’re not really tour people, but we figured what the hell)

4. Turkish cafe for lunch in town ("It’s always fun to get away from camp, even for an hour!")

5. buying bathing suits for bathing (see #8 below)

6. death-defying renegade hike on icy closed trails

7. afternoon tea and cookies in the Lake Lounge with giant checkers and giant Jenga

8. bathing in pool

9. three-course fancy dinner with dress shoes (no jacket)

10. ping pong and air hockey

11. gin and tonics at the late-night bar

an action-packed day