Hyatt koi

Oh, hello! I’ve missed a few days again! Not to worry, dear viewers. I’ve been working on captions for a big set of pictures form our recent adventures to Lake George and Montauk. And now, lucky you, I’m posting them here! I’ll post a link to all of them (plus a few bonus pictures) at the end.

But now, on to the pictures! Already underway:

Lake George and Montauk
August 7-30, 2015

Well, ahoy! Welcome to another installment of the continuing adventures of Otis and Sarah and Andre! In this chapter we find our intrepid explorers sampling the many splendid, sparkling waters of the northeastern United States. Navigating on a variety of craft the road- and water-ways of five states in twenty-four days, it’s a good thing they come from long lines of sea legs. Whew!

Our aquatic adventure begins inland at the Hyatt Regency in Princeton, NJ. Near the Old Mount Family Farm (now better described as a New Jerseyan Silicon Valley), the hotel served as base camp for a sizable contingent of Mounts and Meyers who had gathered to descend on the New Mount Family Farm (Terhune Orchards) for Reunion 2015.

Oh, also, there was a neat koi pond in the lobby…

Hyatt koi