Ricky-Bob: "Gol dangit! I sure am fed up with these liberals! Drivin’ around in their Priuses, thinking they’re so great!"

Dale: "Yup…"

RB: "It jus’ makes me so friggin’ angry!"

D: "Yup…"

RB: "Ya know, I’d like to show them a thing or two about what’s what!"

D: "Don’t ya think that maybe they’re just trying to do something for society’s benefit by introducing fewer harmful emissions into the environment and reducing our dependency on foreign fossil fuels?"

RB: "Wut?"

D: "…"

RB: "Ya know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna buy me a Hummer! Burn me five times the amount of gas as a Prius. That’ll show them sissies!"

D: "Good idea."

RB: "Man, I wish I could just drive around town and feed Priuses to my Hummer!"

D: "Cars don’t eat other cars, Ricky-Bob."

RB: "No… That’s true… But I could get one of them vanity license plates…"

(Dedicated to my former roommate who, as I recall, used to borrow my Civic and drive around flipping off Hummer drivers.)