Pleasant St. Bicentennial I

Mystery guest photographer!

While painting in our living room, I had to remove one of the heat registers to get better access to the trim. In the vent behind the grate, I found an envelope with some photo negatives in it:

I was hoping they’d be a clue in some murder mystery or something like that, but you could see that they were just old family photos. Judging from the bicentennial-themed envelope, I assume they’re from around 1976.

Eventually it occurred to me that I could scan them at a super high resolution, invert the colors, and see what the photos actually looked like. And that’s exactly what I did!

Though not the kind of plot-thickening evidence I was hoping for, what I found was actually much cooler. The pictures are of a young couple, probably around our age! They’re raising kids in our house, just like us! We can even recognize certain architectural features in some of the rooms.

Some of the negatives were too messy, but here are the ones that look good.

Pleasant St. Bicentennial I