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Sarah and I aren’t huge fans of the people who live in Berkeley. In our experience, they tend to put on a big show about how caring and community-oriented they are. But when comes to actual personal interaction, they tend to be a pretty haughty and seemingly self-centered bunch. We say "Hi!" to our neighbors all the time, but the greeting is rarely returned with anything more than a dismissive nod or a request to not park our car so close to their driveway.

And we’ve never once been invited to one of the neighborhood block parties, only blocked out when we drive home to find our street’s been roadblocked with traffic cones. 🙁

I will, however, give the citizens of Berkeley this: when it comes to throwing things away, they’re very conscientious about allowing their old possessions a second life. (Presumably that was the case here, though the box was empty by the time I got there.)

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Dad @ 2011-06-09 09:44:31

This box is also free!