get a balloon!

Sarah came out to visit! Yay!

We went for a walk toward Lake Eola to check out the farmer’s market. On the way, she got to see many of the things she had previously only read about on the internet. One of these was balloon world.

When she was researching our neighborhood, she came across a video apparently funded by some of the local businesses. The video, if I’m remembering what she told me correctly, had a jingle listing all of the fun stuff you could do in the Colonialtown neighborhood of Orlando. Balloon World must have been one of the contributing businesses because "go get a balloon" was one of the listed activities.

EDIT (3/16/2011):

Here’s the video
Sarah was talking about!

Old comments:

s @ 2011-03-14 23:27:21
Not a jingle exactly… mostly a boring promotional video put on by the "Mills 50" mainstreet association. Watch from around 3:29 to 4:10 though for a painfully awkward plug of essentially store and restaurant in the neighborhood… Something about the timing and delivery makes it especially hilarious.

get a balloon!