At work (Cal Adventures), we just got a brand new fleet of Stand Up Paddleboards.

Now… I try to keep an open mind when I surf. But in Santa Barbara, I had nothing but bad experiences with SUPers. If they weren’t hogging all the waves (what with their ability to catch a ripple ten minutes before everyone else), they were dropping in without looking left. Many of them had nasty attitudes as well.

As it turns out, I’m slated to teach people how to ride these things! I was torn at first, but now I’m thinking that I can use it as an opportunity to spread the use of proper etiquette. We’ll see how things go.

This (unrelated) photo was at the Berkeley Artist & Craftsman Supply store. They helped us out when we were labeling our X-mas pickle jars.

PS: If you watch the video on the Cal Adventures homepage, you can see me pretending to be on a backpacking trip in the hills behind Berkeley. (My pack was full of pillows.)