I recently decided that my method of storing my photos was kind of dumb. What I had been doing was arranging my photos chronologically, breaking the series into ~700MB chunks, and putting them in separate volumes. I started doing this back before it was possible to burn to DVDs and before I had a big external hard drive.

But that’s all changed now! I recently resorted all of the photos by year and month. Things are a lot easier to find now!

And… it’s a lot easier to waste time by going back through them all and finding pictures to put on the blog. This one comes, for example, comes from 2005. (Same session, in fact, as this dumb joke.)

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lynne @ 2010-03-26 06:42:56
Very funny. Did you consider rockets red glare? I've been organizing with iphoto events but when I backup, all events and hopes of organization are lost. it's all random.