Falstaff’s riddle

Here’s something different!

Sarah’s parents are in the midst of the arduous process of cleaning out Sarah’s grandfather’s house. When he was alive, Lloyd Crounse was an irrepressable collector of things.

Poking around the basement, Sarah and I came across a big jar filled with old beer bottle caps. To my delight, they turned out to be the kind with rebuses underneath! (According to a some quick internet research, these caps came from either Falstaff or Narragansett beer.) Here’s a sampling…

Feel free to post your solutions in the comments! They might be a little hard to read in the picture above, so here’s a link to the full resolution image.

I’ll start with the top left:

"There’s no time like the present."
(th + ears + note + dime + lye + k + the + pres + cent)

Old comments:

Andre @ 2010-02-05 16:38:13
I'm gonna do another one!

Row 1/No. 2: "I don't stand a chance."
(eye + toe + 'nt + stand + a + ch + hands)

Falstaff’s riddle