a real beaut

Last December, on one of our typical Planes/Trains/Automobiles Holiday Extravaganzas, Sarah and I found ourselves whisking around New England/York visiting various families on a tight economy of time. Some of our only down time was on the Amtrak from Penn to South Station. The trip, in addition to giving us a chance to catch our collective breath also provided a pretty fruitful photographic tour of Connecticut.

I’ve posted two other pictures from the ride (here
and here), both of which were named to get Shemp’s goat.

Old comments:

shemp @ 2009-11-09 06:29:25
Goat gotten! I like this one. Ya jerk.

Andre @ 2009-11-09 08:37:17
It's kind of a funny expression, huh?

Now what am I gonna do with this goat…

a real beaut