glow worm

Another shot of Travis in the lava river cave in Bend.

The cave was awesome! It starts out really big. Maybe a hundred feet tall. You walk down into it and immediately you can see your breath even though it’s a hot day out. It gets dark immediately, so they rent propane lamps at the entrance. Ours was electric (T planned ahead!), so we could hear gaseous (lamped) intruders coming from a distance.

The tunnel gets smaller and smaller as you go deeper. Kinda creepy actually… (On second thought, I don’t think it’s the cave that gets smaller so much as the silt deposited at the bottom stays level as the tube angles down. In that sense, think Willy Wonka but without the Rachmaninoff lock.) At the end, you have to crawl for the last hundred yards on the cold damp sand until the ceiling tapers down to nothing…

I got creeped the fuck out!

This isn’t the shot I was trying for… The camera wasn’t focused like I thought it was, and the lens was all fogged up from my breathin’ on it (I couldn’t tell in the dark), but I think it came out pretty cool!

glow worm