a funny looking shadow

I decided recently that the majestic stegosaurus is my favorite dinosaur. In it’s honor:

My name is stegosaurus,
I’m a funny looking dinosaur.
For on my legs are many bony plates,
And on my tails there’s more.

My front two legs are very short.
My back two legs are long.
My body’s big, my head is very small
I’m put together wrong!

Sometimes another dinosaur comes by
And wants to fight
I don’t use fists, I use my tail
It has four sharp, sharp spikes.

(Download a performance of the song from the album Our Dinosaur Friends: for the Early Years by Art Barduhn and Pam Johnson: here.)

Old comments:

Sarah @ 2010-12-29 07:26:48
I think this is my favorite.

a funny looking shadow