Polarized light, clear tape, and camera filters

We went to a little science museum in Watertown a few weeks ago. They had a little display with some polarized light and filters. Otis wasn’t interested, but I thought it was pretty cool so I recreated it at home.

I took the glass pane out of a picture frame and put a bunch of overlapping pieces of clear tape on it. Then I made my computer monitor all white and turned up the brightness. I held the tape-y pane up between the (polarized) light from the monitor and a polarizing filter for my camera and took some pictures. Rotating the filter made the colors go crazy!


Polarized light, clear tape, and camera filters
  • Dad

    Wow! Talk about artsy fartsy!

  • Shemp!

    Haha love the soundtrack.

    • There’s actually some interesting stuff in YouTube’s royalty-free catalog.